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Friday, October 23, 2009

How To Install PEAR With PHP 5.3.0 On A Windows machine

When PHP 5.3.1 is finally released we'll be able to use Pyrus to install PEAR and this should be a lot easier than it is now to install PEAR.

You've come to the right place if you are trying to install PEAR on a Windows XP machine to run with PHP 5.3.0 and are getting frustrated because you can't get it to work.

This is how you do it.

Step 1: Download and install PHP . If you will be using Apache webserver then do not choose VC9, choose VC6. Download the installer for V6 86x Thread Safe or V6 86x Non Thread Safe. If you would like to know what the difference between Thread Safe and Non Thread Safe, click here.

Step 2: Download go-pear from and safe the file as go-pear.php and save in your PHP directory. I used c:\PHP.

Step 3: From the command prompt (Windows > Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt ), change the directory to the php directory. Note: the prompt is after '>' and the part before '>' is your current directory.

c:\> cd php

Once we are in the correct directory type the following

php go-pear.php

Installation should begin. Just answer the questions and be sure to update the php.ini

PEAR should be working now.

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